Setting up the Honeywell Smoke Detector to Mi Home App to Get Phone Notifications

Before we begin please note that the following steps are entirely optional. Your Honeywell smoke detectors are able to function by itself without any additional set up. In the event of smoke, the smoke detector will blast a fire alarm using its inbuilt speakers. The following steps are additional ways to get phone notifications or give warning light signals.

To set up smoke alarm notifications in your home or office you will require theXiaomi Multi-Functional Gateway and Honeywell Smoke Detectors to be connected to your Mi Home App.

1 x Xiaomi Multifunctional Gateway (each gateway can support about 40 devices) – Click here for gateway set up instructions

1 x Honeywell Smoke Detector Alarm / Sensor – Xiaomi Mijia (you add more as per needed) – Click here for honeywell smoke detector set up instructions

Step 1: Once you have connected the Xiaomi Gateway and Honeywell Smoke Detectors, from the Mi Home homepage, click on Automation icon located on the bottom right.

Step 2: Click on the  “+” icon to add a new automation task.

Step 3: You will now see the screen which displays “If a condition is met..”. Scroll down to and look for the smoke detector under Smart Devices. Click on it.

Step 4: You will now see the following page. Don’t be alarmed to see Chinese text. This option simply translates to “Fire Alarm”. Click on it.

Step 5: On this page, you see “What to if there is a fire alarm”.  This is where the fun begins. You can turn on/off scenes. Like you can sound a fire alarm on your Xiaomi Multifunctional gateway which doubles as a speaker for fire alarm (or for that matter be used as a doorbell with the Xiaomi Wireless Switch). If you have configured scenes like turning all your Yeelight Bulbs Red while the fire alarm is blaring that is one way to alert housemates and your neighbours.

But more often than not you may just want to receive a notification on your phone. For this choose the option “send Notifications to device”.

Step 6: You will be brought to this page. You can add more tasks here following steps 5 again. We suggest keeping the effective time period (right at the bottom) to “All Day” setting so that you do not miss any smoke alerts. Once you are satisfied to click the “OK” button in the top righthand corner.

Step 7: You will then see this screen. Set this task to any name that best suits your needs and click “OK” again. You are done.

Bonus step: To test if your set up is working as desired you can now simulate a smoke situation and test if the alarm and notification set up are working. As a word of caution playing with fire and smoke is a hazardous experiment, please ensure the safety of yourself and that of others. A simple way to simulate smoke without creating a fire is to use a couple of incense sticks and place it close to the smoke alarm in a well-ventilated area. This should do the trick but let us warn you that doing this may stain your Smoke Detectors white surface and inhaling of the smoke may be hazardous to your health. Again, you have been advised of the potential harm and you may do this at your own risk.

If you found this step by step guide useful or other ideas to share with the community you can share your comments below. Thank you.



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