Between Neutral and No-Neutral which one should I get?

The answer is simple and yet not so straightforward. Technically all our homes do not usually have a neutral wire. There are some of us to who open up the light switch look at two different coloured wires and think that we have a neutral wire. But 99.99% of the time this is incorrect. The neutral wire is typically blue in colour and is often present in heater and aircon switches. We usually see a brown wire which is the live wire and a green/yellow wire which is the Earth wire that is connected ot the metal bracket. So at this point, the no neutral wall switch would be the solution for our homes, right? Unfortunately, the long answer is a big NO!. Read on.

Without a neutral wire, the No-Neutral wall switch will always continue to send a small current to your light fixtures so that it can keep itself powered (its wifi receiver and modules) and continue to listen for your instructions from you or the Gateway. Unfortunately, this also means that the lights could be building up a charge from the small current. When the charge is sufficient enough the lights could flicker or blink which can be irritating and sometimes freaky if it happens after midnight.

In addition, the No-Neutral Aqara wall switches have had a lousy reliability track record and it is the reason why we have not brought in any more new stock for the No-Neutral. Let’s put it this way, we used to offer a 12 months warranty for the No-Neutral Wall switch and then scaled back to a 7-day limited warranty.

So what should you get? We recommend the Aqara Neutral Version switches. With the neutral wire, the wall switch can be self-powered. The live and neutral wire allows the switch to have a closed circuit to power itself while sending zero current to the lights. This way you do not face any light flickering or blinking. Also having sold this for more than a year, we know that this is a solid workhorse. It has a very low defect rate. Which is why we offer you a full 3 months warranty for any manufacturer defects.

Having said this you will need to work with your licensed electrician to explore if he/she would be able to pull a neutral wire to your light switch for your home. If this is not possible our suggestion is to wait patiently for a newer and improved model to be released before you make a purchase for smart wall switches.

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