Aqara Smart LED Bulb T1 (Tunable White)

Be able to enjoy countless ways of light control with this latest bulb from Aqara! Use voice control, brightness control, and more with this LED tunable white smart bulb. Automatically change the bulb’s colour temperature with its adaptive lighting feature – synching it with the sun.

Thanks to the gradual adjustments of brightness temperature during the day, you won’t need to bother with extra automation for evening or morning lights. It’s now just a simple feature to enable in your Apple Home app. 

ADJUSTABLE BRIGHTNESS – With smart bulbs, you can adjust the lighting according to your needs – be it concentrating on work or evening relaxation. Lights can react to certain times, scenarios or switches and come with options of bright light for working hours and dim light that helps you wind down in the evening.

ADJUSTABLE COLOUR TEMP. – Aqara Smart Bulb T1 is designed to generate white light colours ranging from very warm (2700K) to very cool (6500K). This allows for adjustable colour temperature tailored to your preference.

ADAPTIVE LIGHTING – This is the perfect choice for Apple HomeKit users. An added bonus is that they support Adaptive Lighting, a feature exclusive to Apple products. This really amplifies their convenience and makes them the optimal solution for homeowners. These bulbs will automatically adjust their colour temperature from cooler at noon to warmer during the evenings, making your home’s lighting customizable throughout the day.

OUR DEDICATED TEAM IS HERE FOR YOU – We provide warranty and our best recommendations after figuring out what kind of smart home solution you are looking for.

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