4 in 1 Xiaomi Flower Care Soil Sensor v2 -Xiaomi Ecological Product

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  • Measures Moisture, Fertility, Sunlight and Temperature.
  • We care for the flowers and plants at home but we don’t always raise them because the problems we see on the surface and the measures we take may have misunderstood their real needs.
  • The soil sensor uses statistics to tell you how to maintain your plants and help you grow flowers easily.
  • The Sensor track water and nutrient content to notify you on the right amount of watering and fertilizing
  • Monitor the light intensity and also temperature to monitor how much sunlight the plants receive
  • You can manage the flowers and plants monitors using the Xiaomi Smart Home APP or the Flower Care APP.

BEWARE : There are variants of the same product that is only meant for sale only in China which will not work outside of China as they are geo-locked (using IP address source). What we sell is confirmed to work in Singapore (but you still have to use Mainland China region setting on the Xiaomi Home App)
Region/Server: Singapore server/region setting gives you lower latency compared to China server. However Singapore server supports only a tiny fraction of devices that are supported on China server. Most new products will take months if at all before they become available on the Singapore server. So the logical choice is to always use China server to avoid having to repair everything should you wish to change server in future.

Notice: This is a Xiaomi ecological chain product. There is no Xiaomi Logo on it. Xiaomi ecological chain enterprise is an independent operating company invested by Xiaomi, that is, a non-Xiaomi subsidiary. Xiaomi basically does not control these companies, but corporate culture, positioning, product design, Both quality control and sales have Xiaomi’s deep participation or complete control, and Xiaomi often has complete patent and marketing rights over its products.

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3 months warranty. Additional 1 Month with a product review.

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