Aqara C1 Smart Pet Feeder – Zigbee 3.0 Repeater

NOTE: πŸ“±This device can be controlled by Google Home and Amazon Alexa only by creating an Aqara home scene and binding the accounts. To work with HomeKit, setting up an automation using the Aqara M1S Hub is required.

*Does not include a USB power adapter or batteries. You’ll need a USB power adapter, such as an old phone charger brick.

Whether you are travelling, in the office, or just away for the evening, you can remotely check on your pet and give snacks through the app throughout the day. Appropriate for cats and small and medium-sized dogs aged three months and older

βœ…CREATE FEEDING SCHEDULES BY USING THE APP: You can also include portion sizes and timings! With the smart linkage of cameras, sensors, or other smart home devices, you’ll be able to check on your pet even if you’re away from the house!

βœ…WIDE COMPATIBILITY: This Pet Feeder works with the most popular ecosystems and can be controlled by voice. Siri, Alexa, Google, IFTTT are supported by creating Aqara Home scenes and triggering them by voice or via automations.

βœ…COMES WITH VOICE BROADCAST: This feeder also comes with a built-in microphone that you can use to record your voice, so that you can call your pet when the food is about to be dispensed.

βœ…WORKS AS A ZIGBEE REPEATER: The Pet Feeder C1 by Aqara can reinforce your Zigbee network by acting as a repeater.Β 


βœ…PRESERVES PET FOOD FRESHNESS: With the desiccant, the Pet Feeder C1 preserves freshness keeps food dry. Moreover, the tank lid has an anti-spill construction that prevents any food spillage in case of tilting.

βœ…EASY TO CLEAN AND USE: The pet feeder is perfect for your pet’s nutrition. It is made from non-toxic and easy to clean materials. Additionally, the quick-release disposer wheel offers a hygienic method of preparing meals for your beloved companion.

Other Special Features:Β 

  • Bite-resistant nylon braid USB cable
  • 4-litre food tank
  • 304 stainless steel food bowl
  • Optional battery compartment for emergency power
  • Firm base and centre of gravity
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