Aqara LED Strip T1 (EU+UK) 2m

Vibe in Every Colour!

NOTE: πŸ“±Aqara Zigbee 3.0 Hub is required and sold separately. A Matter-compatible Aqara hub is required for matter support.

The Aqara LED Strip T1 offers a versatile lighting solution that not only delivers superior illumination through vivid whites but also exhibits the capability to showcase a multitude of colours simultaneously. It seamlessly integrates into intelligent home setups, enabling interactions with Aqara and third-party devices for automated functionalities.

βœ… COMPATIBLE WITH MATTER: Compatible with a variety of mainstream ecosystems, T1 provides more ways for users to customize their smart homes. When choosing favourite products, smart home users won’t have to worry about different protocols or different platforms. T1 can support Matter through the hub, which will solve most of the problems of interoperability and linkage.

βœ… 16 MILLION COLOURS AND TUNABLE WHITE: Enjoy the brighter white light with T1’s temperature range from cool to hot, or you can enjoy a world of vibrant hues. In the colourful lamp bead mode, choose your favourite bright colour or create a colour-changing scene to achieve the perfect mood.

βœ… RGBIC** WITH GRADIENT EFFECTS: Each of the 10 segments of the strip can be configured separately: It supports different colors, dimming, effects, or even using one strip for different parts of the room. **Please note: the RGBIC effects are only available for colourful (RGB) scenes, but not for tunable white.

βœ… ENJOY SMART HOME AUTOMATION: By using The Aqara Home App, it allows operations and setting pages. Choose between a fixed colour card combination or a self-selected colour. Support for custom scene names, brightness, and the selection of dynamic effects and dynamic speed.

βœ… ADJUSTABLE LENGTH: It is suitable for DIY projects because it is cuttable*** (into segments of 20 cm), extendable for up to 10 meters, and re-attachable. Furthermore, it has an IP44 rating, meaning it is protected against dust and can also be used outdoors. ***After the strip is cut, 5-pin connectors and 5-core wires will be needed to reattach them.

βœ… ZIGBEE 3.0 WITH REPEATER FUNCTIONALITY: Compared to Wi-Fi competitors, the Strip T1 does not congest your smart home network: On the opposite, it also works as a mesh repeater, making your Zigbee network more reliable. Also, it has much lower idle power consumption, which makes it more environmentally- and budget-friendly.



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