Aqara Smart Lock D200i – Zigbee 3.0 3D Face Unlock, Fully Automatic, Supports Apple Homekit & Home Key (Global)

The Flagship Smart Doorlock that features 3D facial recognition technology with a fully automatic lockset.

NOTE: 📱An Aqara Smart Hub is required for smart home integrations. Hub is not required for standalone use.

⚡ 2 Year Official Aqara Singapore Manufacturer Warranty⚡

  • Fully Automatic Locking – The Aqara Smart Lock D200i offers advanced security in a push-pull smart door lock design, complete with an automatic lock mechanism and a range of intelligent features.;
  • Works Smoothly with Apple HomeKit Supports Apple Home Keys, and other unlocking methods such as PINs.
  • Fast, Accurate, and Safe 3D Facial Recognition – Unlock your door with the Aqara Smart Lock D200i’s 3D facial recognition technology. It comes with an unlocking speed of less than 1 second using a flagship AI chip. This is based on precise facial modeling running on multiple camera and other modules, the D200i’s facial recognition unlocking is fast, accurate, and safe.;
  • Designed to give diverse access for Multiple Users – The Aqara Smart Door Lock D200i is designed to be able to accommodate multiple users, with each having their own distinct PIN codes, NFC devices, and of course – face. It has the capacity to store 50 facial profiles, 50 PIN codes, and 25 NFC devices.
  • Provides different unlocking methods The Aqara D200i provides the option for offline-generated temporary PIN codes, and traditional mechanical keys. You can manage users with the Aqara Home app simply and intuitively. Adding or deleting users, individual PINs, facial profiles, and NFC cards is uncomplicated and user-friendly.
  • Enhanced Security – It has an Auto-lock feature activates upon door closure. It is also built with anodized aluminum for enhanced longevity. It comes with the following features:
    • Ultra-secure lock cylinder
    • Multiple locking bolts
    • Tampering alarm
    • Electromagnetic shielding against tesla coil intrusions
    • Anti-snoop PIN feature allows for random number input alongside actual PIN for added confidentiality
    • Alerts and updates for door activities, including unlocking or being left open.
  • No need to worry about a Battery Drain! – The Aqara Smart Door Lock D200i is equipped with a manual override feature. This means you can always operate your door using the mechanical knob and keys, even if the battery is depleted. Thanks to a durable lithium-ion battery that lasts up to 4 months, and the provision of a backup battery in the box, you can worry less about batteries draining. You will also get notified of low battery status with on-device alerts and app notifications.
  • Easy Recharging Method – Recharging the Aqara D200i’s battery is simple. Simply connect a powered USB-C cable to the battery’s direct USB-C port.
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