Aqara Smart Smoke Detector High Sensitivity Smoke Detector

Be able to detect the first signs of smoke in the house even if you’re in the other room! Every home, new and old, should have this type of device.


GET NOTIFIED IN AN INSTANT – The Built-in Siren with up to 90 dB of the Aqara Smoke Detector allows you to hear it even if you’re in the other room, sleeping, or even if you’re listening to music. The device will display bright LED light in case of an alarm. 

While the alarm goes off, the device will also send its host or any other device that is part of the home with the Aqara App, a mobile notification (including Critical Alerts), even while one is away from home. 

SYNCHRONIZED ALERTS OF HUBS – Thanks to Smart Linkage, in case of an emergency, the Smoke Detector will also send triggers to other siren-equipped Aqara Hubs via the Alert System to sound an alarm simultaneously. 

LONG BATTERY-LIFE – You won’t be needing to check if the device’s battery from time to time. This gives you a sense of peace knowing that the device is ready in case of emergency. If the battery becomes low, the device will send a notification to the host. 

PREMIUM DESIGN – Having an extra form of safety precaution in your home doesn’t have to disrupt your home’s aesthetic and functionality. The Aqara Smart Smoke Detector has a one-button control, has an insect-proof net feature, and is made out of flame retardant material. 

HASSLE-FREE DISARMING – In case the detector was triggered, you will be able to disarm the device using the Aqara App or through other Aqara Devices synced to it. 

ENJOY 1-YEAR WARRANTY – This device comes with a 1-Year Official Aqara Singapore Warranty

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