Deerma F325/F329 Air Humidifier 5L

$79.80 $29.90

  • Wavy edge design
  • Base edge combined with soft wavy design, unique beauty.
  • Crystal permeation tank design
  • Three-dimensional support structure
  • Triangle bracket structure
  • Ultrasonic welding process
  • 5L large capacity water tank
  • Water mist diversion system
  • 300 ml/h fog rate
  • Purifying dust filter cotton
  • 1-5 um thin fog
  • Water shortage protection reminder
  • 36dB operation with low sound
  • Just one button to turn on the crystal humidifier that can give you a whole day of fresh moisture and lets you feel comfortable every day.
  • Delmar Humidifier Ceramic Atomizing Tablet uses high-frequency vibration to spray water into 1-5um micron particles. Fine penetration into the air
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