Duka LS-P Laser Range Finder – 40 Meters – Measurement Tool – High Precision Measurement Rangefinder Laser Distance Handheld – USB Rechargeable

How does having a measuring device that does the computations for you sound? The Duka Laser Rangefinder LS-P Laser Range Finder can measure Area, Volume, Angle, and even do the Pythagoreas Additon and Subtraction Measurements for you! Enjoy all that power in a compact, 3.3-inches measuring device. 

Made for convenience: This laser distance measurement tool is only 3.3 inches long and weighs 1 ounce. It’s easy to measure the data you need with one button operation. It also won the 2019 Red Dot and IF award.

Comes with 6 Measurement Modes: This laser measurement tool is highly versatile, as it can be used for a number of purposes. You’ll be able to measure distance, min/max, add/subtract, area, and volume with this one tool. 

Highly Accurate Measurements: One laser measurement with this device can be done within 0.2 seconds and the accuracy is within 1/16 inch. 

Long-Lasting Battery: This laser measuring tape has a 200mA Li-on battery. With the USB technology, one full charge can support up to 3500 measurements, depending on usage. It’s great for convenient data collection!

LCD Backlighting: With the help of LCD backlight technology, you can read the data clearly on the screen even in dark environments.

Better than traditional devices: The usage of laser measuring tape rechargeable is a better choice for longer distances. They are more accurate and eliminate worrying about taking time. Our laser distance meters have two modes: front reference and backreference. This allows you to freely measure or measure from the edge of an object.

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