Hoto Laser Range Finder – 30 metres with OLED Display Screen Laser Measure Tools for Construction – USB Rechargeable High Precision Measurement Handheld

Always have a handy measuring device in your pocket wherever you go! The HOTO Range Finder with OLED Display screen is convenient to use for various measurements like room size, window height, and furniture size. This handy tool makes it very easy to take measurements. As an added bonus, the data you collected can be stored on your phone, which makes it even more convenient. 

✅  RED DOT DESIGN AWARD WINNER & MINI SIZE: This innovative little yellow ring is made out of rubber paint, providing a firm grip for the laser measure. The minimalist design on top and matte finish make the unit easy to clean too.

✅  COMPACT IN DESIGN: This is a small and lightweight laser measure that you can use with just one hand. It’s also great for carrying around with you.

✅  CAN BE USED WITH THE MIJIA APP: Never worry about losing the data you just measured! With this device, you can use the multiple functions of the Mijia app, such as real-time data sharing, floor plan mapping, and exporting pictures to albums. Unlimited data entries can be automatically saved as well!; 

✅  HIGH ACCURACY AND WIDE RANGE: Measure up to 98ft with this device! The range of the measurement is 0.16ft – 98ft. And as an added bonus, it is convenient to switch the measurement units among M/Ft in Mijia App.;

✅  RECHARGEABLE USING TYPE-C CHARGING: This is a rechargeable laser measuring device. Universal Type-C charging port allows the device to share the charging cable with smart devices, which is convenient for charging at any time– whether through direct power from wall sockets, or through power banks, laptops, and portable chargers! 

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