Luxus Atlas WIFI Digital Door Lock


The Luxus Atlas WIFI Digital Door Lock elevates security with its ultra-slim design, lightning-fast fingerprint access, and seamless pairing with compatible Luxus gate locks.

Built with anti-rust materials, it withstands Singapore’s climate while offering smart home compatibility and advanced anti-hacking protection. Upgrade your home security with the future-forward, exceptionally reliable Luxus Atlas.

Ultra-Slim Aesthetics: The Atlas boasts a modern, space-saving design, perfect for Singapore homes.

Gate Sync Convenience: Seamlessly unlock your Atlas door lock in tandem with a compatible Luxus gate lock.

Lightning-Fast Access: Advanced 3D fingerprint scanner unlocks your door in a mere 0.3 seconds, with speed improving over time.

Built for Singapore’s Climate: Atlas resists rust and corrosion, maintaining its sleek look even in Singapore’s humidity.

Robust Design: The fixed, one-piece handle design eliminates wear and tear common with traditional push-and-pull mechanisms.

Fingerprint Security: The LuxeTouch™ panel grants access only to authorized fingerprints, adapting for enhanced speed.

Safe & Smart: Anti-hacking protocols and compatibility with Google Home/Alexa offer advanced security and convenience.

Lithium Powered The long-life lithium battery eliminates frequent changes and ensures reliable operation for up to 1.5 years on a single charge.

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