NexTool 12 in 1 Thunder Torch Light – Flash Light – Flashlight Speaker Charger Alarm Lamp Light Music Sound Atmosphere Lamp Power Bank Powerbank

💡Unique Ability 1 To 12: This new music-playing, light-producing flashlight has 12 amazing features a power bank, portable speaker, and work light! Red Colour Light, Blue Colour Light, Green Colour Light, White Colour Light, Entry Mini Speaker, Music Pulse Lamp, Work Lamp, Camp Lamp, Sound Atmosphere Lamp, Warning Lamp, Sound and Light Alarm, and Power Bank

💡4-Color Main Light For Various Tasks: In addition to white light, the (light name) also features red, green, and blue lights for added effect. These colors can be used separately or blended together by adjusting the intensity.

💡Animal Observation Tactical Action: Green is useful for night vision, because it helps you to see animals at night.

🔭 A New Generation Of Telescopic Focusing to Control Light Farther And Wider: The torchlight has an internal thread exhaust structure, smooth and smooth telescopic focusing, and free light control. 

🎵Enjoy Music Anytime, Anywhere: The Thunder music flashlight has a port to provide sound, which is a wonderful mix of light and music.

💡 360° Infinitely Adjustable Side Light: The patented magnetic bracket allows for 360° angle adjustment, which makes it super simple to choose the best angle for your room.

🎵Rhythm With Sound Changes: This gadget can sense the beat and change the lighting to match whatever you’re listening to.

🚨High Decibel Siren + Strong Light Flash that acts as a double Protection Against Danger

In an emergency, a long press of 3.5 seconds will trigger the flashlight alarm strobe mode. It’s quick to access and more visible than a ringtone!

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