SmartGeez G8 Pro Mocking Bird Liquid Soap Dispenser


Transform any normal soap bottle into a smart and automatic dispenser by installing the SmartGeez Mockingbird Auto Liquid Soap Dispenser directly on the bottle’s mouth! This device is designed to fit into many common soap bottles available in the market. 

CAN BE USED ON DIFFERENT TYPES OF LIQUID SOAP BOTTLES!: Use the SmartGeez Mockingbird Auto Liquid Soap Dispenser with your favorite and usual go-to soaps that vary from Body Wash, Liquid Dishwashing Soap, Liquid Cleaning Soaps, and even Hand Soaps! 

✅  TOUCH-FREE SOAP DISPENSER – Just place your hand where the infrared motion sensor can detect and you can automagically get your desired pump of liquid soap! You can even adjust the settings depending on how much soap you will be needing on a regular basis! 

✅  ERGONOMIC DESIGN – ​​The sleek design of this device will easily fit right in your sink where you always put your soap bottle on. It’s a hassle-free solution for all households. 

✅  EASY TO ASSEMBLE – ​​You don’t have to worry about loose covers because this soap dispenser comes with a silicone ring to give the bottle opening a tighter grip, avoiding spills. 

HD LED DIGITAL DISPLAY: This is one of the best features of this Automatic Soap Dispenser that is not available on other brands. It comes with an LED Digital Display that can easily tell you the temperature of the device, its battery level, and the settings you have set it. 

IPX4 WATERPROOF: You don’t have to worry about accidentally splashing onto this device as it is IPX4 Water-Proof! 

LONG BATTERY LIFE, DEPENDING ON USAGE: This device comes with a built-in 1500mAh Battery which can last you a long time, depending on usage, so you won’t have to keep on recharging it!

RECHARGEABLE EVEN ON POWERBANKS!: It is so easy to recharge this device! Simply plug in the FREE Wire that comes with the package to your power banks. Laptop devices, or direct-to-wall sockets.

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