SmartGeez S10 Door Window Sensor – Zigbee 3.0


**NOTE**  SmartGeez Smart Zigbee 3.0 Hub is required to connect the SmartGeez Door and Window Sensor Zigbee 3.0 via a smartphone app. The SmartGeez Smart Zigbee 3.0 Hub is sold separately.

Use the door sensor to trigger turning on/off your room light, washroom lights, etc.! Automate it based on your lifestyle. Set up your washroom lights to automatically turn on if the door is opened after 7 PM and turn off the lights when the motion sensor no longer detects anyone in the washroom after 60 seconds or longer, depending on your setting! 

As a bonus, these sensors attached to your doors and windows at home are perfect if you’re worried about security. They can tell when they’re opened or closed, and you can connect them with other smart accessories through the app. This makes it easier in your life!

Main Features:

Smart Detection: This Door and Window sensor can detect if a window or door is closed in real-time with the Smart Life App

Easy Connection: Can be easily connected with other smart gateway devices to control your life easily.

Accurate and can show Real-Time Data: A sensor and a magnet are included to ensure accurate detection.

Hassle-Free Installation: Compact in design and installation is hassle-free. No need to get complicated tools and no need to hire a professional. 

Voice Control Feature: Simply use your voice to control the connected sensor via Siri or Google Home. It can also communicate with other smart devices which are compatible with Smart Life, Tuya, etc. Install these sensors to your doors, windows, cabinets, drawers or anywhere you want to get alerts or trigger other automation based on whether it’s opened or closed.

Hassle-Free Installation: The sensor can be installed with double-sided adhesive tape or screws, which are included in the package. Download an app Tuya or Smart Life from GooglePlay or App Store to add the device to detect the status of your door/window.

1 Year Warranty: Enjoy the perks of a 1-Year Warranty that comes with the SmartGeez Door and Window Sensor.

Other Features:

🔵 High-Quality Design which makes it easy to incorporate into your home;

🔵 Low power consumption required and has long battery life;

🔵 This device can send you real-time reports on your mobile phone through your app.

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