SmartGeez S10 Smart Gateway Hub – Wireless WiFi


Connect up to 30 smart devices in this hub! To get the best experience, we suggest that you connect only a maximum of 20 devices. Save your WiFi bandwidth for watching your Netflix movie experience or other online content and enjoy better mobile phone WiFi internet speeds while your SmartGeez Smart Gateway Hub (Wireless) does the heavy lifting for your Smart Home Automation!

Special Features:

✅ HASSLE-FREE AND SPACE SAVING: The SmartGeez Wireless Smart Hub is made to be compact in size but can connect up to 30 compatible smart products. Place it anywhere at home and it will blend in beautifully.

✅ THE BEST CHOICE FOR ALL ZIGBEE 3.0 PRODUCTS: This is a hub that connects to many different ZigBee smart products and is the bridge, as well as the control center, for your smart home. It plays an irreplaceable role for everything connected to it on ZigBee 3.0 technology;

✅ WIDE COMPATABILITY: SmartGeez ZigBee 3.0 smart products are compatible with the Tuya ZigBee 3.0 gateway hub so you can customize your system based on your individual needs and security requirements;

✅ CAN STILL WORK EVEN IF WiFi/INTERNET CONNECTION IS DOWN: The stability of the internet connection can be unreliable at times. But that doesn’t mean that your Smart Home stops working the moment you lose the internet! The Zigbee 3.0 Hub will continue to carry out it’s automation rules and scheduling.

✅ APP CONTROL AND REMOTE CONTROL: Add multiple devices and share the control with family members! The hub’s remote security kit connected to the hub is controllable by your smartphone no matter where you go;

✅ STABLE WIRELESS NETWORKING: Compared to having all your smart devices connected to your router, the use of the hub relieves the strain on your router. This means you can use your router to its utmost advantage without all the unnecessary connections;

✅ 1 Year Warranty: Enjoy the perks of 1-Year Warranty that comes with the SmartGeez Smart Gateway Hub (Wired/Wireless)

Other Features:

🔵 High-Quality Design which makes it easy to incorporate into your home;

🔵 Low power consumption required and has long battery life;

🔵 This device can send you real-time reports on your mobile phone through your app.


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