SmartGeez ST64 LED Filament Smart Bulb (Zigbee)


NOTE: 📱This product works with Smart Life App, Google Home, and Amazon Alexa. A SmartGeez H20 Hub Solution is required to work with Homekit. Otherwise, a Tuya / Smart Life Hub is required.

This is the perfect smart bulb for your new home project! Achieve the ideal aesthetic you have in mind without being limited by the traditional bulbs in the market. 

Through the app, you can adjust the brightness, contrast and warmth levels to set the perfect ambience in any room. Whether you want to do it all with just a few taps of the screen, or use voice control – with SmartGeez Smart Home devices, you always have full control.

✅  BRIGHTNESS ADJUSTABLE – Adjust the brightness that you prefer. From Warm White to Cold White, you can freely choose the level of brightness you want using the phone application! 

COLOUR TEMPERATURE ADJUSTABLE – Adjust the colour temperature from 2200 – 6500K. Easily achieve the light you want! 

✅  SUPPORTS HOMEKIT AND GOOGLE HOME – Connect your curtains to the smart home system of your choice! Homekit and Google Home are both supported when used with the SmartGeez H20 Hub Solution.

✅  POWERED BY ZIGBEE – This SmartGeez ST64 LED Filament Bulb can be controlled using the Tuya / Smart Life app and works seamlessly on other Zigbee-powered devices. 

✅  HIGH COLOUR RENDERING – This SmartGeez ST64 LED Filament Bulb provides high colour rendering that is pleasing to the eye. Experience a better reading experience with this bulb! 

✅  VOICE CONTROL COMPATIBLE – Having a voice-controlled home is everyone’s dream! Ask Siri or Google home to turn on or off your lights at home so you no longer have to stand up from your comfy position. Homekit and Google Home are both supported when used with the SmartGeez H20 Hub Solution.

✅  OUR DEDICATED TEAM IS HERE FOR YOU – We provide a warranty and our best recommendations after figuring out what kind of smart home solution you are looking for.

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