🇸🇬 SmartGeez Zigbee Gas Leakage Detector Flammable Gas Detector Home Security Alarm System


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This tiny device can help protect your home and your family, even when you’re at the office! 

RED INDICATOR LIGHT FEATURE – Red flashing lights will blink when harmful gas is being detected! When on standby and the environment is safe, the device will show a green light. 

OVER 70dB ALARM – While the device automatically sends the host a phone notification, this device will make a sound paired with red flashing lights to alert members in the home. This allows the members to act quickly and open windows

CAN HELP DETECT DIFFERENT GASES – This device can help detect common household gases like gas, natural gas, coal, LPG. 

BROADCASTS REMINDERS FOR SAFETY – This device will remind you what to do when the occasion of having contaminated environment occurs. This feature is extremely useful especially for those who do not know what to do! 

Note: This product is suitable for hobbyist as a Smart Home Automation Hobby. SmartGeez does not assume any responsibility nor liability under any circumstances. Warranty covers product defects and malfunction which would be repaired and exchanged 1 for 1 during the warranty period.


**NOTE**  This SmartGeez Zigbee device requires the SmartGeez S10 Pro Smart Hub / Tuya Zigbee Hub to function. The hub is sold separately.

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