SmartGeez Zigbee Smart Temperature and Humidity Sensor Battery Powered with Tuya SmartLife Alexa Google Home


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Make your home the MOST COMFORTABLE PLACE to be at! Automatically turn on your aircon when the Smart Zigbee Sensor with Temperature and Humidity detects that the temperature is warmer than usual. 

DETECT INDOOR TEMPERATURE AND HUMIDITY IN REAL TIME – Using smart home linkage, create smart home scenes like triggering the Humidifier to turn on automatically when the SmartGeez Zigbee Sensor for Temperature and Humidity detects lower humidity than usual! 

CREATE SMART SCENES AT HOME – Paired with the SmartGeez WiFi IR Controller, create different smart scenes depending on your setting! Turn on the aircon automatically when the temperature gets too warm and if the SmartGeez Motion Sensor detects someone in the room.

MAXIMIZE WHAT YOUR SMART HOME CAN OFFER –  Monitor the humidity levels in your bedroom, to decide if you need to turn on your Humdifier for better health. Or monitor the humidity in your clothes cabinet to understand if your clothes require a dehumidifier.

MONITOR YOUR KID’S NURSERY – Even if you are busy cooking in the kitchen, or doing other things while your baby is sleeping, you can monitor real time temperature and humidity inside your nursery, making sure that your child is comfortable. 

WORKS 24/7 – The device will works 24/7, day and night, so you will feel comfortable always in your home! 


**NOTE**  This SmartGeez Zigbee device requires the SmartGeez S10 Pro Smart Hub / Tuya Zigbee Hub to function. The hub is sold separately.

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