Wowstick Anti Static 18-in-1 Hand Tool Sets Mobile Phone Repair Tool Kit

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If you’re interested in tinkering with small electronic devices such as phones, keyboards, tablets, and more, this 17-in-1 Wowstick offers you the essential tools you’ll be needing! This set includes the following: 

Pry knife: Ergonomically designed handles and high-quality steel sheets make it the best tool for dismantling mobile phones, tablets, and digital electronics.;

Cleaning brush: Used for cleaning dust inside the keyboard or electronic device.

Three-piece anti-static tweezers: Utilized for precision electronic parts and extraction of parts in narrow places.;

Anti-static plastic pry bar: One end is pointed and one end can be used as a screwdriver for flat-head screws. This tool is great for electronic assembly, such as circuit board assembly.;

Vientiane flexible rod: A bending rod with multi-direction bending, rotation, and extension functions.;

Three-piece metal pry bar: Can be used for mobile phone, IPAD, tablet computer, laptop, MP3, MP4, MP5 and other small digital household appliance products. It is easy to plug the small gap, and the flat top is easy to pick up the shell and maintain the degree of open shell.

Anti-static bracelet: You can use it to get rid of the static electricity on your body.

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