Xiaomi Enchen Automatic Hand Soap Dispenser – 2020 Batch


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  • Automatically sense foaming, you can get a lot of foam without pressing.
  • A micron-sized plump foam that penetrates deep into the pores and cleanses the skin.
  • Two-stop bubble design, avoid multi-use waste.
  • Miniature high-efficiency motor, low power consumption, and quieter.
  • The simple shape and small figure, suitable for the bathroom and kitchen.
  • Effectively inhibit daily bacteria and protect the health of family members.
  • Passed EU ROHS environmental protection test.
  • 1 x Enchen Forming Hand Washer, 3x AA Battery but please buy and use Energiser Batteries instead, 250ml Foaming Soap
  • This new model replaces the Xiaomi Mijia model that we were selling previously. This model is better as it allows you to use your own soap refills and is fuss-free. This was a model requested by many customers 🙂
  • You are recommended to use foaming type soap refills such as Kirei-Kirei etc. If you are using other types of non-foaming soap, you will need to dilute it by 2-8 times.
  • 30 Days Limited Warranty
  • Take note:
  • A silicon backing between the soap dispenser and the refill bottle may be included in some units.

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