Xiaomi Motion Sensor – Mijia Body Sensor

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  • Requires Xiaomi Gateway v2 to work
  • Portable, small size, easy to install.
  • Custom turn on/off other smart home products.
  • Original Xiaomi smart motion sensor for home device automation
  • Be notified via the Xiaomi Mi Home App once a movement is detected.
  • Automatically detect any movement of human or pet with 170-degree sensing angle.
  • Or trigger an intruder alarm on the gateway when motion is detected while turning on the lights.
  • Set the trigger to let the Yi capture a 6-second video and send the video to you for home security.
  • Set the trigger to auto turn on the Xiaomi gateway as a night light once a movement is detected.

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The product comes with 3 months warranty. You will get an additional 1 Month warranty if you write a product review.


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