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Small size sensor that works great!

We use it to help track a relative living alone, so that if we detect movement in the house, we know he's fine, but yet not invade his privacy.

Great Bulb

Great product. Planning To Buy More..

Good sharing of knowledge

House going under renovation so had yet to use the products but it was a good sharing experience with the seller.

Product and delivery

The products were well-received. They are packed in well sealed boxes too. The delivery was delivered promptly.

Fast Collection & Great Yeelight LED Colour Bulb v2

This is my first-time purchase, I encountered good experience with the seller.

Will buy again in the future!

4 x Window and Door Sensor - Xiaomi Mijia Wireless Zigbee

Good and on time delivery.

Small and Reliable Alarm.

Accurate Temperature and Humidity readings. Small Footprint.

Reliable and Well Built!

Tested Functioning as it should. Well Built!


the product arrived fast and its working with a UK plug adaptor


The night light worked perfectly, comfortable and sensor is quite sensitive.

Smoke Sensor Detector and Alarm - Honeywell Xiaomi Mijia Wireless Zigbee

MI Home Gateway v2, China Server

Very quick delivery, securely packaged.
As per indication (for those of you that may not know), there are 2 versions of the product, one for China Server, One international (also sold by the shop), Setup was simple and quick, do not have many other parts yet, so testing is ongoing, recommended shop.

One of the Smallest yet Multifinction Gateway/Controller!

Compact Size, small footprint. Works as nightlight and internet radio.
Very Well Built!

Reliable IR Controller

Work as it should be. Support a lot of devices.
Highly Recommend!

a must have for plants that are difficult to grow

a must have for plants that are difficult to grow

Good product for home automation

Delivery was a bit long. The gateway is quality build and easy to setup. Connecting child products to it is also simple and straight forward. However, creating the various scenes for automation is not simple.

Hassle-free, good comms

Delivered, no issues, good communications from dealer.

3 x Yeelight Aurora Smart Lightstrip Plus - 2 Metre Starter

Very good LED strips. Highly rommended.

Repeating Purchase! Fantastic and Reliable

Cost Effective, Fantastic and Reliable.
I've swapped all my switch to this.

Works straight out of the box

Prompt delivery, easy set-up, was totally hassle-free syncing with my devices. Great!

Yeelight LED colour bulb v2

Amazing product. Easy to install and setup and linked to Google home to control the lighting via voice. Friendly and responsive seller also. Easy to communicate and buy from.

Awesome productsp

Will be buying morenin the future!

Useful product

Very useful product which can be used for multi application purpose.

Good product.

Quick and fuss free setup!