Xiaomi Mi Body Composition Scale v2 Tips and Instructions

Pairing Instruction

1. Download the Mi Fit App and click on the “+” icon.  Select Scale.
(Make sure Bluetooth is turned on)
2. Simply step on the scale. (That’s it!) Your weight will be shown on the digital screen and on the app.
3. Keep standing until all the progress bars on the scale is lighted up. 
Now, you will be able to see the body fat etc on the app.

Adding Profile for Family Members

After you stand on the scale and it completes your measuring, you will be re-directed to a page where you see your body score and just below it, you will see your profile and a + button beside it. You need to click on that to add new members.They can now stand on the scale to start measuring. Hope this works out for you 🙂

What are the 13 Data Points that the Mi Body Composition Scale V2 Measures?

1. Body Score
2. Body Weight
3. Muscle Mass
4. BMI
5. Body Fat
6. Water
7. Protein
8. Basal Metabolism
9. Viseral Fat
10. Bone Mass
11. Body Age
12. Ideal Weight
13. Excerise (Lacking or not) / Body Type

How do I view the 13 Data points on the Mi Fit App?

Watch this video.