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Yeelight Smart Lighting

Practical Budget Build

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We have selected the products and recommendations based on a practical budget build, not over the top nor is it on the lowest end. Hope you find this useful.
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Lighting is both an aesthetic and functional aspect of your home. Not only will it improve the look of your home, but it will also add depth and character to the cosiness of your home. Below are some of recommendations when choosing proper lighting for any room or space in your home.

If you are looking to turn your home into a Smart Home without breaking the bank, we are here to help you. was the pioneer to introduce Yeelight Smart Lighting to Singapore in 2017. We are an officially Authorised Reseller for Yeelight. This means you get the same 2 Years Warranty for Smart Yeelight products as you get from the Yeelight Showrooms. 

Living Area

For the Living Area / Hall we recommend the Yeelight Arwen 550C and 550S.

It comes with colour lighting to spice up your football nights, Netflix binge watching and for the Karoake Nights with Relatives! Whatever the occasion, you’d be sure that you have the perfect ambience colour lighting reflecting off your ceiling.

If you are an Apple iPhone / device user. You could go for the 550S Model because it supports Apple HomeKit.

If you are Andriod User or do not required HomeKit support we recommend the 550C Model, because it is 4500 lumens brightness compared to 3500 Lumens brightness of 550S plus is it also lighter on the wallet. If you are stuck between deciding between the both take note that for a for a Typical HDB Living Hall 3000 lumens is adequate. So go with the functionality that you require.

In addition both the 550S and 550C are both use the quick change snap-on mechanism – easy for spring cleaning or if you ever had to swap the lights around your other rooms.

Master Bedroom

When it comes to renovating our homes, we tend to put extra care and attention to the master bedroom because it’s the most important room in the house. Whether for sleeping, watching tv or even just relaxing, a good master bedroom deserves a lot of consideration.

For the Master or Main Bedroom, we recommend something special. We recommend the Yeelight Arwen 450C and 450S.

Both of these are based on some of its great features such as: the quick-change snap-on model, and totally dust and insect proof. More importantly, it comes with colour lighting! Ambience colour setting sets the mood for Netflix Binge watching and also for setting the mood for Romantic nights.

If you are an Apple iPhone / device user, you could easily go for the 450S Model because it supports Apple HomeKit.

If you are an Andriod user or do not require HomeKit support, we recommend the 450C Model. It has a 4000 lumens brightness compared to 450S 3000 Lumens brightness one, plus it is also lighter on the wallet compared to 450S. If you are stuck between deciding which product to go for, take note that for a Bedroom, 1500 Lumens is more than bright enough. So decide between 450C or 450S based on whether you need Apple HomeKit Support. For a budget build if you are willing to forgo the colour ambience you will never go wrong with the 320mm Pro or Ultra. More on it as follows. 

Common Bedrooms

Artificial lighting can make your bedroom cosy and create a comfortable atmosphere. Properly arranged lights in the room can lift your mood – for example, by helping you to relax. They may also help you become more productive by making it easier for you to see what’s happening around the room. In a home, Master Bedrooms are not the only ones who should get great lighting.

We recommend the 320mm Pro and 320mm Ultra for Bedrooms. This is a quick change snap-on model. This means every year during CNY you can simply snap it out give it a quick wipe and snap it back in.

If you are an Apple iPhone / device user. You could go for the 320mm Pro Model because it supports Apple HomeKit.

If you are an Andriod User we recommend the 320mm Ultra Model, because it is 2000 lumens brightness compared to 320mm Pro 1500 Lumens brightness.

Washrooms / Toilets

When it comes to interior lighting, your bathroom is actually one of the most significant elements – for instance, a bathroom light will help transform a simple space into a place of peace and tranquility. Proper lighting can also help make a small space feel and look open and spacious.

Ideally 320mm Pro or the 320mm Ultra are an excellent choice for the washrooms especially if you need Apple HomeKit support (with the Pro model).

However, given that it is a small space for the budget-conscious you can consider the 260mm model for the washrooms. But take note this is not a quick change Snap-On model.

Bomb Shelter

For the bomb shelter, the 260mm is an excellent choice. However do take note that this is 670 lumens brightness, if you plan to convert your bomb shelter into a heavy-duty storage room we will recommend the 320mm Pro / Ultra so that  the room is as bright as it can be when you need it the most. The last thing you want is to operate in a dimly lit tight space surrounded by things that can fall on you. If you are using the bomb shelter for light storage the 260mm is good enough.

Another option to consider at 670 lumens brightness is the Yeelight Crystal Mini Motion Activated Ceiling Light. The mini does not work with any of the Apps nor can it be controlled by remote etc. But it will turn on by itself when it senses movement combined with darkness. Given that bomb shelters are perpetually dark, the mini will automatically turn on when it senses you. However, if your bomb shelter is positioned such that it gets daylight then there is a risk that it won’t turn on. Speaking of which you do not have the option to turn it on manually. The only way it turns on is motion + darkness = turn on. For this reason, we still think the 260mm is a better choice.


The kitchen has many purposes and an important role in our lives. It can be a place to prepare food for quick dinners, to socialize with friends, or have a private sneak peak of that new cookbook. The lighting is also an important detail that shapes the mood of time spent in this space! Good lighting is also important for food safety. When cooking raw meat, you need to make sure it’s properly cooked for food safety reasons.

Getting the proper lighting for your kitchen can be tricky. You need to decide carefully based on the shape of the kitchen space. If yours is a long rectangular space you can go for two spaced apart 320mm ceiling lights so that it prevents any sharp shadows. If it is more squarish, you can go for a single Yeelight 420mm Ceiling Light. In either case make sure that the Kitchen area is well lit. This is where you handle hot items and sharp knifes so you want to be extra careful. It is better to make this place brighter then necessary because you can always use the dimming functions on the Smart Lights to bright it down a notch. But if you do not start off with lights that do not provide enough brightness then you will be stuck.

Feel free to send us your floor plan by clicking on the Whatsapp icon on this page and we will be able to best advise you.


If you have an island set up, you will certainly not go wrong with the Yeelight Pendant Lamp. Be it a dinner with the entire family or just a cosy dinner for two. You would be able to set the mood for the setting with a simple command to Alexa / Google Home or a quick touch of some buttons on the Yeelight App.

Light Strips

Okay for light strips they can be incorporated just about anywhere. Popularly used in cove lighting. But it deserves mention by the product itself instead of being tied to a specific place in the home. So with Yeelight, you have two options. There is the Yeelight 1S Lightstrip model and the Yeelight Pro Lightstrip Model. Both are nearly identical, however, the Pro model allows you to have different colour lights in different parts of the light strip whereas the 1S model will display the same colour throughout the entire length of the light strip. If you plan to turn your home into a Rave party spot the Pro model is an excellent choice. Otherwise, the 1S model would be more appropriate. 

Both the Yeelight Lightstrip options support Razer Chroma, so if you or your kids are hardcore gamers you will love the sync with your computer games lighting up your rooms or gaming arena.

Yeelight Pro Light Strip will be uploaded soon. Thank you for your patience.

Before we end

Considering the different lighting possibilities and what they offer, it’s time to think about how to set up a good lighting system for your home.

Hope this article helps you to choose from a wide array of options. offers smart home lighting solutions with the best possible deals. Message us on WhatsApp to learn more about what you might need in your home and to get bundle prices.