SmartGeez Zigbee Prismatic 320 Black Smart Ceiling Light RGBWW


NOTE: 📱This product works with Smart Life App, Google Home, and Amazon Alexa. A SmartGeez H20 Hub Solution is required to work with Homekit. Otherwise, a Tuya / Smart Life Hub is required.

✅ A SMARTER AND EASIER CONTROL – Say goodbye to manually turning on/off your ceiling lights. The SmartGeez Prismatic 320 Ceiling Light supports voice control features to complete the smart home experience for you!

✅ TIMING CONTROL – Set your SmartGeez Prismatic 320 Ceiling Light to turn on at 7:30 AM daily, as you wake up. Set your light to turn off at 9 PM for your bedtime. Life is made hassle-free with Smart Home Solutions.

✅ HOMEKIT CONTROL – This device works with Homekit by using a SmartGeez H20 Hub Solution. Once synced, you can freely enjoy changing the light’s colours, colour temperature, and brightness through the Homekit App, or via Voice Control.

✅ LET YOUR LIGHT DANCE WITH THE MUSIC – Through APP configurations, you can set your ceiling light to sync with the rhythm of your favourite song.

✅ A BRIGHTER LIVING ROOM – This SmartGeez Prismatic 320 Ceiling Light can give you a brightness of up to 1920Lm! It’s gentle on the eyes but bright enough to meet your lighting needs at night.

✅ MOONLIGHT MODE FEATURE – This SmartGeez Prismatic 320 Ceiling Light has a moonlight mode feature which is soft and comfortable, just like a hazy moonlight. Best for when you’re just lounging or when you’re about to sleep.

✅ DUST PROOF AND INSECT PROOF – With this feature, the SmartGeez Prismatic 320 Ceiling Light is easy to clean and maintain, giving you only the best bright light and not opaque and dim due to insects and dust.

✅ OUR DEDICATED TEAM IS HERE FOR YOU – We provide a warranty and our best recommendations after figuring out what kind of smart home solution you are looking for.;

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