Yeelight 1s Smart LED E27 Light Bulb (Colour)


  • Yeelight YLDP13YL 1s LED Lamp Smart Bulb (800 Lumens)
  • Important Note: The Bulbs require 2.4GHz wifi to operate (If your router is 5.0GHz please ensure that it has a dual band to support2.4GHz). The Bulb will be able to pair on both Singapore and China Server on the Yeelight App. However, it will only connect to China server on the Xiaomi Mi Home App (It will not connect to Singapore server on Xioami Mi Home App)- These the same regardless of whom or where you buy it from.
  • The power of this V3 bulb is 8.5W, which is 15% energy saving compared with the previous generation V2, energy-saving and environmental protection, it can be called the most energy-saving smart light bulb in the Xiaomi Ecosystem.
  • Adopting high-integration color light beads, the new generation of color light bulbs mixes light more evenly, immersive color light experience, colorful colors, create a variety of atmospheres.
  • Support color temperature adjustment and full-color gamut color adjustment, adjustable brightness, light and dark, suitable for a variety of scenes.
  • Support music rhythm, the color can be changed according to the surrounding music rhythm, suitable for festivals and parties.
  • Support Mijia and HomeKit dual intelligent system, just make a voice commands to control the bulb, make your hands free.
  • Remote control from anywhere, with the Mijia APP on your smartphone or tablet, you can turn on / off the smart light bulbs whether you are at home or away.
  • 16 million colors: Dimmable and colour temperature range 1700K-6500K
  • WiFi remote control: 2.4GHz Wi-Fi Access, Support app control via both IOS and Android devices
  • More possibilities: Works with Amazon Alexa (Amazon Echo), Google Assistant (Google Home) and IFTTT / Tasker / Domoticz / HomeAssistant
  • Ultra-long lifetime of up to 11 years, you don?t even have to think about replacing a bulb
  • Capable of providing fancy lighting for 30sq.m. room
  • Group control: Control a single bulb or group bulbs all at your fingertip
  • Set time schedules and countdowns, available in Group control and no hub is required
  • Easy to use, install the bulb, download the App, connect the bulb to your network, then enjoy smart lighting

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