Zemismart Homekit Smart Hub Smart


🏠 Make your Smart Home an even better place to live in by making your Homekit Dream Home come true! Open the curtains automagically using set timers or voice control. Turn on your indoor lights as soon as the sun sets. Create all of these Smart Home Automations with your iPhone or iPad!

✅ COMPATIBLE WITH APPLE HOMEKIT – This Zemismart Homekit Hub is perfect for those who are using mostly Tuya Zigbee Devices wanting control on  Apple Homekit! Prerequisite is it must be Tuya Zigbee devices. For supported list please check with us via chat.

✅ FASTER RESPONSE SPEED COMPARED TO WIFI –  Choosing a Zigbee 3.0 Hub puts less strain on the WiFi router since all the hard work is handled by the Zigbee Hub. This allows faster response time from your app to the device! This also allows you to save your WiFi bandwidth for your netflix movie experience and ejoy better mobile phone WiFi internet speeds. You definitely won’t regret the money choosing zigbee over WiFi devices.

✅ A SMART HOME EVEN WHEN OFFLINE – Even if your WiFi/Internet Network is down, the Zemismart Homekit Hub will continue to carry out it’s automation rules and scheduling. This means you won’t have to keep on setting up your smart home from scratch over and over again.

✅ SIMPLE AND LIGHT DESIGN, YOU WON’T EVEN NOTICE IT’S THERE! – Specially designed to be lightweight, flat, and thin, this device can be placed anywhere and it won’t disrupt your home’s overall aesthetic. It has also undergone multiple tests, ensuring great quality that will last for a long time.

✅ ENJOY 1-YEAR WARRANTY – We want a worry-free purchase from you! We have tested this product multiple times, but for your peace of mind, we are including a 1-Year Warranty! Message us for warranty procedures.

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