SmartGeez S10 Pro Motion Sensor (Zigbee)


NOTE: 📱This product works with Smart Life App, Homekit and Google Home when used with the SmartGeez Gateway Hub.

Automagically turn on/off your smart devices within 15 minutes before or after leaving the room with the help of the SmartGeez Smart PIR Infrared Motion Sensor! Save on energy and never have to worry about forgetting to turn off devices as soon as you leave home! 

✅  SMART MOTION DETECTION – Whether it’s for security reasons or for Smart Home automation, you can never go wrong with SmartGeez Smart PIR Infrared Motion Sensor. If you are away from home, this smart device will give you notifications if it detects motion in its view. 

✅  VOICE CONTROL FEATURE – Heard something in the kitchen late at night? Ask Siri/Alexa/Google to turn on the Smart Motion Sensor to be able to check your environment without having to leave your safe space. This feature only works when used with SmartGeez Gateway Hubs. 

✅  90° DETECTION ANGLE – The SmartGeez Smart PIR Infrared Motion Sensor can detect movement within 8 meters from where it is placed. It’s enough to cover your living room or bedroom! 

✅  POWERED BY ZIGBEE – This SmartGeez Smart PIR Infrared Motion Sensor can be controlled and accessed using the Tuya app. It also works seamlessly on other Zigbee-powered devices. 

✅  OUR DEDICATED TEAM IS HERE FOR YOU – We provide a warranty and our best recommendations after figuring out what kind of smart home solution you are looking for.

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