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You’ll never know when a security threat may come. Set up your alarms with loud sirens to alert everyone in the area and allow the device to push notifications to the host’s mobile phone! Scare potential intruders with the 135dB siren and flashing lights from this small yet essential security device. 

SEND ALERTS ON YOUR PHONE – Receive phone notifications when the alarm is being triggered. Configure it using the SmartLife App. 

RED FLASHING LIGHTS – This device will light up in bright and flashing red lights when the device is triggered! This allows you to identify where the area with security threat is in your home in the dark! 

LOUD SIREN SOUND – A 135dB alarm will go off once the device has detected a threat. The loud alarm can scare away the potential intruders while letting everyone in the area know about the security threat. The loud alarm can also inform others within close proximity, giving time to call the police. 

WORKS 24/7 – The device will works 24/7, day and night, so you will feel secure even on broad daylight! 

USE IT AS A BURGLAR ALARM – With the device’s loud siren sound and flashing lights, it will surely scare off intruders and burglars detected! 

PLACE IT ON YOUR PORCH FOR EXTRA SECURITY – Because the device is easy to install, you can plate it anywhere you want it to be! To get extra feeling of security, place this device on your porch! Connect it with your Smart Home Automation and use it with different scenes.


**NOTE**  This SmartGeez Zigbee device requires the SmartGeez S10 Pro Smart Hub / Tuya Zigbee Hub to function. The hub is sold separately.

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