SmartGeez S10 ZIGBEE IR Blaster Smart Remote All in One Control


💰✅ SAVE MONEY ON YOUR NEXT ELECTRIC BILL! Turn off the aircon if no one is in the room for 30 minutes. If it gets too warm, set your aircon through the app to turn on IF someone is in the room. (Requires SmartGeez Motion sensor for this automation)

➡️ Pair this device with Smart Door Sensors so that the aircon will only turn on IF the windows and doors are closed. 

The SmartGeez IR Smart Remote Controllers cover over 90,000 selection of brands and models such as TV, Set-up Box, Aircon, Curtains, Fans, and more. 

Smart Home, Happy Life – Enjoy the perks of going home to a ready and perfectly set temperature house after an exhausting day at work. 

Set Timers and Schedules – Let your home do its magic based on your schedule! Turn off your devices when no one is inside the room for at least 30 minutes! 

Wide Coverage –  This device’s infrared distance is up to 8m but IR Frequency of 38KHZ cannot penetrate walls. Simply put, if you are in your living room, you wont be able to turn on your bedroom aircon since the IR signal cannot pass thru the walls. 

Easy Control and Setup – Sync your devices through the SmartHome App and use it with Google Home, Alexa, Tuya, Siri Shortcuts for iOs users, and SmartHome App. 

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