SmartGeez Smart Wall Switch V5 Pro Touch Series with Neutral / No Neutral Wire, Wireless


Match your wall switches with the interior of your home with our scratch-resistant glass control touch panel that comes in 3 different colours. Automate your existing lights with the SmartGeez Smart Switch V5 Pro Touch Series. 

Main Features:

💡 Seamless Experience: Manually turn on your lights with a soft touch. The scratch-resistant glass touch panel ensures safety and has a sleek look to match any home décor;

💡 Powered by Zigbee 3.0: This allows you to enjoy wider compatibility with smart devices;

💡 More Range of Colours than other brands: The Smart Wall Switches come in 3 different and premium colours that you can choose from. It comes in Black, Gold, and White!

💡 Up to 4 Rockers/Gangs: Get more control with the minimal effort! In just one Smart Wall Switch, you can control up to 4 lights;

💡 Enjoy multiple ways to take control: The V5 Pro Touch Switches can be controlled using App Control, Touch Control, and Voice Control; You no longer need to get off your bed whenever you forgot to turn the lights off;

💡 Timer and Schedule Feature: Command your lights to turn on or off at a certain time, depending on your preference! It also helps you reduce electric bill;

💡 Wide Compatability: This model is compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Siri Shortcuts, Tuya, and Smart Life. ;

💡 Control Sharing: Control your family’s Sharing devices with your family members to eliminate the extra setup steps.

💡 No Capacitor Needed: You don’t have to worry about complicated capacitor setups with our switches. All of our switches are high-grade, do not require any capacitor installation and come with a 1-year warranty. This is also a benefit of using Zigbee over WiFi switches. However if you are using low wattage lights below 5W, you may use capacitors to prevent/solve light flickering issues.

💡 Choose Zigbee over WiFi Switches: While WiFi Switches may seem like a good idea initially, they’re no match for ZigBee switches. In many ways, they are better:

  1. A WiFi switch connects directly to your router and secures a connection for any device that is doing this. All the different devices come together to affect bandwidth/speed for any internet connection you have, which can cause latency/ping issues.
  2. For example, if you have 20 WiFi switches, your WiFi router will always be busy communicating with and connecting to your WiFi switches. While with Zigbee Switches, all 20 switches in this example will be connected to your Zigbee Hub and only this hub is connected to your WiFi Router. Let the Zigbee Hub do all the hard work of connecting your other devices, and don’t overload your WiFi router.
  3. Smart Switches are often used along side, Smart Sensors like Door/Window Sensors, Motion Sensors. So eventually you will need a Zigbee Hub anyway, so it’s best to stick with all Zigbee to begin with.

✅ 1 Year Warranty: Enjoy the perks of 1-Year Warranty that comes with the SmartGeez Smart Wall Switch V5 Pro Touch Series.