Meross Smart HomeKit Wi-Fi Plug SG 3 Pin Plug with Surge Protector


Not sure if you turned off the lamp in another room? There’s no need for you to manually walk up to the other room. You can easily check and turn it off using your smartphone! Make your life easier with a Smart Home. 

If you’re cooking strong-scented food, you can turn on your vent through voice command! You only need to focus on cooking your delicious meal. 

✅  TRANSFORM YOUR ORDINARY APPLIANCES INTO SMART – Control your lights and fixtures from anywhere anytime via the Apple Home app & Meross app. You can do this by simply plugging in this Smart WiFi Plug along with your chosen home appliance! 

✅  COMPACT IN DESIGN – ​​The compact design of the Meross Smart Plug occupies only one socket and does not interfere with other sockets.

✅  CONTROL YOUR DEVICES HANDS-FREE – ​​You can control your devices hands-free! You no longer have to walk up to your connected home appliance just to turn it on/off. Simply give voice commands to turn on/off the connected devices. This device is compatible with Apple HomeKit, Apple Watch, Siri, Carplay, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant.

SET AND FORGET USING THE TIMER FUNCTION: Switch your existing home appliances on/off automagically and intelligently by setting schedules with the Meross Smart HomeKit Plug. Turn on your lights automatically at night, just before you arrive from work. 

ADDITIONAL SAFETY MEASURE: The Meross Smart HomeKit Plug is made of PC flame retardant material, and has been approved for safety and quality assurance.

SMART SCHEDULING: You can easily schedule connected devices to turn on and off automagically. Save energy when lights are not needed or left on by accident. This also gives you a sense of relief knowing that you can turn off your connected appliance anywhere, anytime.

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