SmartGeez S10 16A WIFI Smart Plug SG 3 Pin Plug with Energy Monitoring


🌬️ Is it getting too cold but you don’t want to stand up just to turn off the stand fan? Or it’s too warm but the fan is located across the room and you’re already in a very comfy position. Control your ordinary fan from your phone OR through voice command! Just plug in the SmartGeez S10 16A WiFi Smart Plug along with your existing stand fan home appliance and make it into a Smart Stand Fan!

🔌 ⚡ Be smart with your electric bill by keeping track of the energy you are consuming on a daily basis with your home appliances! Adjust usage hours, and even set timers to help you reduce energy use!

Set different smart scenes using multiple smart sensors at once! For example, when it gets too warm, automagically turn on your existing fan only if someone is inside the room! (Temperature and Humidity Smart Sensor, and Motion Sensor sold separately)

TRANSFORM EXISTING APPLIANCES INTO SMART ONES: Transform any home appliances, such as lights, electric ovens, toasters, fans, coffee makers, etc. into a Smart Appliance with this powerful SmartGeez 16A WiFi Smart Plug! 

NO EXTRA HUBS REQUIRED: The SmartGeez S10 16A WiFi Smart Plug connects through the WiFi Network (only 2.4Ghz). No hub and additional subscriptions required. Simply plug it into an outlet, connect a device to the smart plug, then wirelessly control home appliances whenever and wherever using the app!

SET AND FORGET USING THE TIMER FUNCTION: Switch your existing home appliances on/off automagically and intelligently by setting schedules with the smart plug. Turn on your lights automatically at night, just before you arrive from work. 

VOICE CONTROL FUNCTION: Use the voice command feature with your SmartGeez S10 16A WiFi Smart Plug and Alexa. Turn off your lamp without ever having to leave your comfy bed or touch your phone.

PLUG AND PLAY: Using this device is easy! Simply plug it in with your existing home appliances and control it using the app! Hassle-free and convenient. 

ENJOY 1-YEAR WARRANTY – We want a worry-free purchase from you! We have tested this product multiple times, but for your peace of mind, we are including a 1-Year Warranty! In the event that you have to return a SmartGeez product, message us for warranty procedures.

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