SmartGeez Switch 20A Zigbee Smart Water Heater Switch V5 Pro Touch


Let your storage heater turn on before you wake up, so you can enjoy an extra 20 minutes of sleep while a fresh tank of hot water awaits you every single morning! You can also set it to turn on your storage heater automagically just in time before you arrive home from a long day’s work so you can shower with warm water almost immediately! 

Set the timings so you can avoid wasting electricity in case you forgot to turn off your storage heater! 

✅  USE TIMING CONTROL – You can set the time to turn on the storage heater so you can get extra 20 minutes of sleep everyday while your storage heater automagically turns on without you having to lift a finger! 

✅  4 COLOURS AVAILABLE TO MATCH WITH YOUR BATHROOM – With SmartGeez Smart Switches, you don’t have to compromise your personal aesthetic over functionality. SmartGeez Smart Switches come in 4 different and luxurious colours, giving you more freedom to style your shower room. 

✅  EASY TO CONTROL – This smart switch is easy to automate using the app! Schedule a visit to our showroom and we’ll show you how to create different smart home solutions for your home! 

✅  ENJOY SMART HOME SOLUTIONS – use together with SmartGeez motion sensors, to turn on/off the heater. For example automatically turn off the heater if no one is in the shower for the last 1 hour, saving you on electricity bills.

✅  REMOTE FUNCTION USING THE APP – You can monitor the status of water heater switch anywhere through the Smart Life App! This way, you won’t have to keep on worrying about whether you turned off your storage heater or not! 

✅  VOICE CONTROL FEATURE – If you forgot to set your timer the night before, you can still turn on your storage heater using your voice! With the combination of Google Home Assistant, Amazon Alexa Echo, you can enjoy the voice control feature of the Smart Water Heater Switch! 

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